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Ellen Jane Desserts

We love dessert!

From a young age, Ellen Jane cultivated a love of baking in her mother’s kitchen.


Her mother, a talented baker, inspired Ellen Jane to explore the art of pastry. The only sweets allowed in her childhood home were homemade pastries. Ellen Jane and her four sisters quickly learned to make their own desserts from scratch in order to satisfy their cravings.

After years of making birthday cakes, holiday treats, and desserts for family and friends, Ellen Jane sought professional training in order to take her baking to the next level. With her starched white apron, rolling pin and measuring spoons in hand, she went back to school to study Baking and Pastry Arts at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. Once Ellen Jane received her diploma, she immediately opened a small business from her home, catering an array of delicious pastry delicacies.

As Ellen Jane expands her business in a state-of-the-art facility, she continues to uphold the same high standards of quality, personal attention and creativity. All pastries are dairy-free and made from scratch, using only the finest kosher ingredients.


Following in her mother’s baking tradition, Ellen Jane continues to share her passion for baking through elegant design and scrumptious tastes that only Ellen Jane Desserts can offer.

Ellen Jane Desserts
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